Wheel Stoppers

FAST Concrete Products LLC is the best quality wheel stopper manufacturer and supplier in all of UAE, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. 

Why are Wheel Stoppers a must in a parking lot?

Drivers seldom think about the concrete wheel stops they pull up to nearly every time they park their cars. However, wheel stoppers are in almost every parking lot. These parking lot stoppers are specially designed to ensure that if a driver fails to park properly, and accidentally overshoots the designated space, the stoppers will be in place to prevent collision. Bumping into parking stoppers alerts the drivers that they need to quickly apply the brakes. However, at such low speeds, the car will generally come to a complete stop.

FAST Wheel Stoppers 

FAST has been producing top-tier wheel stop products and is trusted by various companies and individuals, FAST Wheel Stops has proven that it isn’t only effective, but also affordable and trusted.

FAST Wheel Stoppers come in various shapes, lengths, and sizes. Rubber and plastic are not as tough as concrete (obviously) which makes it a lesser option when it comes to wheel stops. FAST only offers the best and the most reliable kind of wheel stops, which is why we focus solely on concrete ones.

Wheel Stoppers

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